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A user will be able to book an appointment for a healthcheck-up in the health centres linked with the application. The individual will be able to book an appointment asking a doctor to arrive at their home forcheck-up or an appointment to meet a doctor at the health centre.

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About Us

The rapidly evolving technologies have provided a stage to ease the health services and make it more accessible to the public. "Mero Swaasthya" application is also a result of the new technology brought in actionto remove the barriers faced by Nepalis in availing health services from different corners of the country.

Our Vision

"Mero Swaasthya" has been started with the motto of "Helping you for your Health" by including health-related services such as lab, pharmacy, ambulance, air ambulance, appointment and video conference with doctors. The application aims to include more services and transform itself to a fully equipped digital hospital in Nepal.

Our Mission

Nepal has a poor health sector with quality services focused in the Valley. People outside the Valley have been struggling to find quality service there and, as a result, arriving in the Valley for treatment. The platform tries to allow people to fix an appointment in the Valley from any corner of the country and find otger health related services in the touch of their fingers. The application ́s wants to make health services easily accessible to the fellow citizens of Nepal.

Our Values

Health is a sensitive sector and it has a necessity to be operated with quality manpower and infrastructure in a fully legal way. The team has acquired all necessary legal permission for the services it will provide and ensures the users that all the health service providers linked with us abide by similar standards. We are determined to provide quality health services and make it accessible to Nepalis across the country. The application also aims to end irregularities in the charges related with the health services.

Our Services



A service seeker can book an appointment in a lab of a health centre from home. The individual can then go the health centre to have the required test by avoiding the queue. Similarly, an individual can also request a lab technician from a nearby lab centre to have their samples collected from their residence itself.


Foreign employment health check-up

Wanting to go abroad, searching for a certified health center affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Population of the Government of Nepal, then you have stumbled upon the right place. Additionally, we provide you with all the required tests and services in your residences. You don't have to wait in a queue, book an appointment with us, we will come to your house, do the required tests, and deliver the result to you. We know that a medical checkup is already expensive, and adding unnecessary expenses like traveling adds more to your financial burden. Our app would reduce the cost of expenditure by a large margin saving less time.


Lab test facilities

Sign in to the app to either book an appointment for tests to avoid the queue or to avoid traveling toward the test center; instead, have your samples collected from your residence itself from certified health technicians.

Make yourself at ease and enjoy the innovative modern health centers' benefits achieving effective treatment digitally. With hundreds of our's certified laboratory partners near you, we reduce the traditional barriers you face for tests and checkups. We make it easy for you to avail yourself of the medical lab tests from the comfort and convenience of your homes—all with just a tap of a button.


Optical Services

Traditional Optical Service was designed for patients to do all the troublesome obligations, makeall the necessary arrangements, but not anymore. With our app, you only need to make a request,and our department will take care of the rest. Save unnecessary cost and travel expenses and timeusing our services.

Request eye checkup or any other optical health services from our app; certified health consultants will come to your place, do the required test, and deliver the result or glasses to you at your home.



We offer you the best solution for online medicine order and online or offline delivery of the orders with multiple payment gateways.


Ambulance Services

We provide easy and swift ambulance services equipped with the very best features and medical personals. Features like Ventilators, Defibrillators, Central Oxygen Supply, Air-conditioned, etc.,every ambulance is adequately prepared. You can request an ambulance service without any difficulties; with a location's GPS, the service you requested will arrive in no time. We provide Helicopter Ambulance service, regular ambulance service, and Mortuary Ambulanceservice.


Pharmaceuticals service

You can receive your medicines, and other pharmaceuticals care without having to get up from your chair. Please place your order in our app, or send your prescription to us, we will divert your request to the nearest pharmacy, and your medication will arrive at your place within no time. There's no need for you to hunt down the entire city searching for your medicine. Sign in toenjoy the services. Just click a button and make a request; we will take care of the rest.


Hearse van (शब बाहन) Services

App users can request for a hearse van right from the app with a few taps. It's a smooth experience as you can make payment online from various online payment partners.


Air Ambulance

Register for the air ambulance functionality and reach out to patients and requests of directly inaccessible areas.


Doctor's Appointment

We provide the users an interface to book doctor appointments. Manage your schedule with our doctor module for better collaboration and consultation with patients.



Register hospital for integrated hospital management functionality along with patient record keeping and notification alert sub-system.


Blood Bank

To get the right blood group and the required quantity is troublesome; one has to make a hundredcalls, make countless requests, and sometimes wait for the whole day for pound blood. We are here to change that; Mero Swaasthya works as a virtual bank, allowing online ordering and remote blood delivery.

You can request the desired blood type and quantity and receive it within no time, hassle and pressure.

बैदेशिक रोजगारीमा जाँदै हुनुहुन्छ ? अब स्वस्थ्य परीक्षणका लागि भौतारिनु पर्दैन्, ‘मेरो स्वास्थ्य’ एप्सबाट नै स्वास्थ्य परीक्षणको सुविधा लिन सक्नुहुनेछ । स्वास्थ्य परीक्षणको सुविधा लिन ‘ मेरो स्वास्थ्य’ एप्स डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस् र सुविधा लिनुहोस् ।

Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings!

- Publilious Cyrus

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