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A user will be able to book an appointment for a healthcheck-up in the health centres linked with the application. The individual will be able to book an appointment asking a doctor to arrive at their home forcheck-up or an appointment to meet a doctor at the health centre.

On the top, an individual will be allowed to book a video conferencing appointment as well; in the video conference the patient will consult a doctor through video call.

The facility of video conferencing will allow people from different corners of the country to consult with doctors in the Valley.

However, the doctors can only diagnose the patient on the basis of what s/he has to say because conducting tests on patients online is not possible. But the application has brought a service for it too.

A user will be allowed to book a lab test in a nearby labthrough which lab technicians will arrive at the user ́s home, take samples and provide the test result. Similarly, the users will also be able to buy medicines from a nearby pharmacy, which will deliver the ordered medicines to the doorsteps.

As it is known, difficult geographical terrain and poor road connectivity has disallowed ambulance to reach several rural areas of the country. But even the easily accessed areas don’t find an ambulance in the city areas of Nepal. Not finding an ambulance to rush an individual to a hospital has been a worrying situation in our country. We have expected this problem to be solved to an extent by providing a platform through "Mero Swaasthya".

The application will allow its user to look for an ambulance nearby and call them. Similarly, people in districts of Hills and Himalayas will be able to call for an air ambulance in case of need.

On the other hand, many Nepalis have been flying abroad as migrant workers every year. The aspirant migrant workers need to have a medical check up and submit it to the concerned authority. The medical check up for abroad is permitted to some health institutions only, but people are being charged exorbitant amount than the one set by the government for the purpose.

The application links such health sector permitted to conduct health check-up of migrant workers and manage a system to book an appointment for the check-up in the set price.

The application will also provide a storage service to keep safe the medical reports of an individual. It will also allow an individual to carry their reports anywhere and show them when needed to a health service practitioner.

While the "Mero Swaasthya" application has tried to include several health services through it, there are many more to be added. The team hopes to transform the application into a complete digital hospital in future and extend its services to each and every cornerof the country. In the first phase, the application will be providing services within the Valley and the service will be extended in upcoming days.