Dr Abhishek Raj Singh

The rapidly evolving technologies have provided a stage to ease the health services and make it more accessible to the public. "Mero Swaasthya" application is also a result of the new technology brought in actionto remove the barriers faced by Nepalis in availing health services from different corners of the country.

Nepal has a difficult geographical terrain and most of the major hospitals and quality manpower is centred inthe Kathmandu Valley. Hospitals, mostly government, outside the Valley have been bound to refer several patients citing lack of infrastructure and manpower.

Likewise, most of the Nepalis are poor and try preferring government hospitals and health centres forcheap yet quality treatment. People from the rural areas in the Himalayas and Hilly districts face more struggle due to difficult terrain and poor road connectivity.

While the road connectivity issue disallows ambulance to reach the required destination to carry a patient, the geography and terrain of Nepal affects easy landing and taking-off for air ambulance. Nevertheless,even in places with proper road connectivity, finding an ambulance is a hard struggle for many.

At a time when arriving in a health centre has been difficult for many Nepalese, "Mero Swaasthya", an approach of a digital hospital, will mitigate the barriers and provide easy health-related facilities.

- Message From CEO